Upon entry through The Corner Door, guests can expect the experience patrons have come to know and love at the Melrose Umbrella Co. flagship, with focus on hospitality in another bar curated by bartenders. 

It’s like walking into a traveler’s study. The walls adorned with photographs and art from around the world as well as time touched pieces found in the most secret hidden crevices of the world. The nostalgic feeling you have when you walk through the welcoming door is tangible. You are immediately transported into a warm and cozy comfortable space.The lovely and welcoming staff can tell you about the 100 year old wood propeller above the bar, the even more ancient wooden door on display from a Baja mission, and featured on the back wall guest ‘regulars’ are encouraged to bring in photographs of their favorite doors from travels around the world.

Since re-branding The Corner Door, the group has injected a revamped, but familiar vibe with the same energy   -new esthetic, no more seating rules, fun music, extended hours and new food items that support cocktail culture. With the kitchen leadership of Chef Chris Martinez. This is a place where you can expect a hug instead of a handshake.

chef martinez.JPG

A native Angeleno, Executive Chef Chris Martinez has been exploring his creativity in the kitchen for over 13 years. With experience in several of Los Angeles' high-famed restaurants, such as Fig & Olive, A-Frame and CITIZEN, Martinez has fine-tuned his culinary abilities. On the Corner Door menu, you will find dishes that pair well with cocktails with slight inspirations from Martinez's time studying in Italy.


Austin Melrose and Zach Patterson, owners/creators of Umbrella Hospitality Group (Melrose Umbrella Co. & LONO Hollywood) acquired, re-branded, and re-opened The Corner Door in January 2017.